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Janice Lea

"Glow of red hot metal, rush of adrenaline, flash of molten solder joining metal to metal. Natural stones' hidden beauty revealed by the lapidary wheel. These are my inspiration." 

Jewelry inspired by wonder, handcrafted with attention to finest detail.

Metalsmith, Lapidary, and Jewelry Artist, Janice Lea creates timeless jewelry of precious metals and semi-precious stones. As a Metalsmith, she works with gold, sterling silver (traditional 925 and tarnish resistant 935 Argentium), and copper. From melting and pouring, to cutting sheet or twisting wire, she rolls, hammers, saws, solders, sands, and polishes down to the finest detail.

As a Lapidary, she cuts, shapes, and polishes stones to reveal their natural beauty.

Her jewelry style is eclectic and ever-evolving, just like her personal style.